Dr. Kaul: How Prolaris Can Help Avoid Unnecessary Surgery

January 8, 2016



Dr. Sanjeev Kaul, a urologist at the Beaumont Hospital System in Detroit, discusses Prolaris® testing and how it is being used as a tool to provide more personalized treatment for men diagnosed with Prostate cancer. With the information that Prolaris provides, physicians can inform their patients on how Prolaris can help avoid unnecessary surgery. This interview was conducted in 2015 as a part of WJR’s “The Big Story.”

Dr. Kaul: How Prolaris Can Help Avoid Unnecessary Surgery

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States. What Prolaris does is it looks at the genes within a specific prostate cancer patient. It then looks at the genes that control growth. With this information, you can find out more about the cancer’s aggressiveness, how likely it is to spread outside and how likely it is to cause death.

In the past, there was never a strong understanding of the aggressiveness of prostate cancer, which lead to a lot of patients receiving unnecessary surgery. Prolaris has increased the number of patients who have avoided surgery by over 40%.