Dr. Stephen Bardot on Cell Cycle Progression in Relation to Race

July 11, 2017

Although the cell cycle progressions score has proven to be an important predictor of prostate cancer outcomes in various clinical settings, it was unable to predict the outcomes in African American men. In this study, 767 men were tested. Of those 767 men, 281 of them were African American. The median age at diagnosis was 63 years for African American men vs. 66 years for non-African American men. The CCR score was similar for African American and non-African American men.

In Conclusion:

The CCP score was a strong predictor of metastatic disease in a large cohort that included about 37% of African American patients. In sum, this study provided no evidence that African American men had a more aggressive disease than non-African American men. In addition, this study also provided further validation that the CCP score provides important information about prostate outcome in all men, regardless of race, risk group or treatment approach.

Click the video above to review the information presented at AUA 2017 on how a cell cycle progression score relates to race, risk group, and treatment approach.

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