The Prolaris Information Pack Includes:

  • Clinical Summaries of Posters and Journal Articles
  • A Prolaris Patient Brochure
  • A Myriad Promise Patient Brochure
  • Biopsy and Post-Radical Prostatectomy Test Request Forms
  • A Sample Prolaris Patient Report
  • Instructions for Enrolling in Myriad Pro, Our Online Test Result Program

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How to Use Prolaris in Your Practice

Prolaris has been proven to predict disease specific mortality in prostate cancer patients following needle biopsy. In a study of men with conservatively managed, localized prostate cancer, with an end point of disease specific mortality, Prolaris was predictive of disease aggressiveness.

Prolaris testing is also particularly well-suited for post-prostatectomy patients to better estimate the risk of biochemical recurrence (BCR). Managing patients before and after BCR is a complex issue.

Getting a Prolaris Score™ will give both the patient and physician additional information about the true nature of the cancer that no other test can.

Prolaris is a measure of how fast a prostate cancer tumor is growing. Biopsy tissue samples can be used to determine a patient’s personal Prolaris Score. Studies have shown that Prolaris provides an accurate assessment of cancer aggressiveness.1,2

And, because every individual’s prostate cancer is different, the result of each Prolaris test is unique to that patient.