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Every man with prostate cancer deserves a better answer

New research reveals that up to 1 in 6 men with prostate cancer have a hereditary, disease-causing mutation¹.

Every man with prostate cancer deserves to know their germline status and recent changes now make that possible. Knowing your patient’s germline status early in the treatment journey not only helps guide treatment decisions, it could also qualify them for future, life-sustaining therapies should they progress to metastasis.

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lifetime cancer risk for people with an identified hereditary cancer risk

Myriad germline testing impacts treatment decisions

Hereditary prostate cancer is frequently more aggressive than sporadic or familial prostate cancers, and this information should be factored into medical decision-making. Patients with germline mutations may be at risk for multiple primary tumors and hereditary cancer testing is the only way to know which patients are at risk.

Myriad germline testing can improve outcomes

PARP inhibitor therapy is now approved for men with HRR-mutated Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer. Genetic mutation status is the only way to determine if your metastatic prostate cancer patient is eligible for these new therapies.

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The Myriad Difference

Over 25 years as a leader in molecular diagnostics

In 1994, Myriad discovered the BRCA1 gene and subsequently introduced the first molecular diagnostic test for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

Hereditary germline testing is now standard-of-care in all breast and ovarian cancer patient workups and we are committed to making germline testing standard-of-care in prostate cancer. Myriad has since provided 5 million patients with life changing genetic information.

Myriad is committed to expanding access to germline testing for all men with prostate cancer and providing our customers with timely and actionable results.

Test offerings

To help meet the needs of your patient and practice, Myriad offers a variety of testing solutions to ensure that every man with prostate cancer gets a better answer.

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BRACAnalysis CDx®

BRACAnalysis CDx® can help determine which of your patients with prostate cancer are or may be appropriate for PARP Inhibitor therapy by identifying if they have a germline BRCA1/2 mutation. This test was designed to provide BRCA1/2 results quickly and accurately.

About BRACAnalysis CDx

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Myriad MyRisk®

Myriad MyRisk® test is a 35-gene cancer panel that will provide patients with prostate cancer comprehensive information about their unique cancer. Using industry leading accuracy, unmatched turnaround time, and a lifetime commitment to patients, myRisk is an essential part of prostate cancer evaluations.

Resources for your practice

BRACAnalysis CDx Test Request Form
Watch the video for detailed instructions on filling out a BRACAnalysis CDx and myRisk Test Request Form.

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Patient Consent Form

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