Hereditary Cancer

How does Prolaris testing work?

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Testing process

Since a prostate biopsy has already been done in order to make an initial prostate cancer diagnosis, there is no need for another biopsy to be done. Prolaris testing uses the same tissue from the original biopsy to run the test.

The prostate tissue sample will be sent to Myriad where it will be tested and analyzed to determine the aggressiveness of the prostate cancer.

Once the testing is complete, the results will be sent directly back to the physician. The results will contain a personalized Prolaris Score as well as a 10-year prostate cancer mortality risk and the risk of cancer spreading outside of the prostate.

Ordering is simple

  1. Fill out the Prolaris Biopsy Test Request Form and fax to 801-883-3256 or email to along with the following information:
    • Insurance documentation
    • Pathology Report
  2. Our dedicated customer care team will coordinate with the external pathology lab to obtain the required prostate tissue.
  3. Myriad receives and processes the sample from the pathology lab.
  4. Test results are sent directly to the physician’s practice. If you want to get results even faster, register for MyriadPro here.
  5. Physician and patient use the results to determine a personalized prostate cancer treatment plan.