Metastatic Prostate Cancer

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Myriad germline testing
impacts treatment decisions

New research reveals that up to 1 in 61 men with prostate cancer have a genetic mutation that may have caused their cancer. If your patient has metastatic prostate cancer, he may have a hereditary type of prostate cancer and could qualify for additional treatments.

PARP inhibitor therapy is now approved for men with HRR-mutated metastatic prostate cancer. Genetic mutation status is the only way to determine if your metastatic prostate cancer patient is appropriate for these new therapies. The Myriad myRisk® hereditary cancer test was designed to quickly provide accurate results, so you can confidently personalize your patient’s treatment plan.

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NCCN Guidelines recommend germline testing for all men with metastatic prostate cancer

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No family history is needed for metastatic patients to meet genetic testing guidelines

Testing at diagnosis of metastatic disease can help determine an appropriate treatment plan for your patient

Testing Overview

With a simple blood or saliva test, Myriad can let you know if your patient is a candidate for additional cancer treatments. We also offer a remote testing option, so your patient can test from the comfort of their own home.

  • Blood or saliva sample is collected
  • Sample is sent directly to Myriad
  • Confidential results delivered to your practice within 1-2 weeks

For faster results and electronic ordering, sign-up for Myriad Pro.

Insurance Coverage

Cost should never be a barrier when your patients need genetic testing to determine their next treatment. That’s why it’s our promise to make testing accessible and affordable.

Insurers have coverage for hereditary cancer testing

Patients pay $0 for testing at Myriad


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