Not All Biomarkers Are The Same

Every Man with Prostate Cancer

Not all biomarker tests are the same. When it comes to making active surveillance or definitive treatment decisions, selecting the correct biomarker test matters. The Prolaris® test from Myriad Genetics is the only biomarker test on the market with both an Active Surveillance Threshold and a Multi-Treatment Modality Threshold.

Endpoints Matter when Selecting a Biomarker

It is critical to understand what information you are getting when selecting a biomarker. The Prolaris test looks at the disease endpoints that matter most and has been rigorously studied and proven to meet ALL of its primary endpoints.

Prolaris Endpoints:

10-year disease-specific mortality when considering conservative management

10-year risk of developing metastasis when considering definitive treatment

Other biomarker tests, like Oncotype DX and Decipher look at endpoints like adverse pathology. A recent independent study by Memorial Sloan Kettering called into question the use of adverse pathology for treatment recommendations for low-risk men. In a head-to-head study comparing Prolaris to adverse pathology, Prolaris was found to be 2.5 times better at predicting disease outcomes.