Talking To Your Patients About Prolaris Testing & Their Personalized Score Is Easy

Communicating the risks of prostate cancer with your patients is nothing new to you, but how do you seamlessly integrate the added benefit of their Prolaris risk into your discussions? We can help you provide clarification around your patients’ common concerns.

The videos below, featuring Judd Moul, MD, FACS of Duke University’s Prostate Cancer Center, will guide you through the process of discussing your patients’ results, high or low, so they can understand how Prolaris better stratifies their prostate cancer risk and adds confidence to their course of management. You will also learn how to address your patients’ concerns about the added cost and coverage options for Prolaris.

How to Talk to Patients About Prolaris Testing

What Does a High Prolaris Score Mean?

What Does A Low Prolaris Score Mean?

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