The New Metric in Prostate Cancer Prognosis

Prolaris® provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your patient’s individual cancer as well as a clinically validated prognosis of their disease specific mortality risk. The report itself is designed to provide quick, easy-to-understand and actionable information that can assist in decision-making and patient counseling.

Clinico-pathologic Features

A snapshot of the clinico-pathologic values you provided to Myriad when ordering Prolaris. These values are used in combination with the Prolaris Score to calculate your patient’s 10-year prostate cancer-specific mortality risk.

  1. The Prolaris Score The Prolaris Score is a clarifying new metric that reveals the aggressiveness of your patient’s prostate cancer via direct measure of the biology of the tumor. The patient in this case has a Prolaris Score of 5.6.
  2. US Distribution The US Distribution Percentile provides a measure of relative risk when your patient’s score is compared with patients in the same AUA risk group. For the patient shown,  >99% of patients in the AUA Intermediate Risk category have a lower Prolaris Score.
  3. Mortality Risk Assessment The Prolaris Score is combined with your patient’s clinical-pathologic values to estimate a 10-year prostate cancer-specific mortality risk. This patient has a 10-year prostate cancer specific mortality risk of 6.5%.

Talking to your patients

Now that you understand how to read and interpret your Prolaris Score and report,  now you can easily talk to your patients about their result and personalized treatment options.

Understanding the Prolaris Score

Each of your patients will receive a personalized Prolaris Score with their test results. This score will help you identify those patients with less or more aggressive prostate cancer. Learn more about how to interpret the Prolaris Score and how to talk to your patients.

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