The New Metric in Prostate Cancer Prognosis

Prolaris® provides an analysis of the individual tumor aggressiveness, in addition to the clinically validated prostate cancer specific mortality and metastasis risk.

The Prolaris Molecular Score™  is combined with clinical variables in a clinically validated weighted algorithm to calculate the individual 10-year prostate cancer disease specific mortality when treated conservatively and 10-year metastasis risk (4) when treated with primary radiation therapy or radical prostatectomy.

Clinico-pathologic Features

The Prolaris Molecular Score™ is calculated by measuring the expression of cell cycle progression genes in the tumor. This shows how aggressive the individual tumor is, while the relative risk shows how the patient’s Prolaris Molecular Score compares to the average score in their NCCN risk category. The majority of Prolaris Scores will fall between 0 and 10 with a higher score indicating more aggressive cancer. For every one unit increase in the Prolaris Score, the patient’s risk doubles.

Clinical variables and the Prolaris Molecular Score are used to calculate a patient’s risk assessement.

For considering active surveillance, the 10-year disease specific mortality (DSM) risk with conservative management is shown to be within or beyond the Active Surveillance Threshold. Patients with a DSM within the gray box may be considered appropriate for conservative management.

For considering primary radiation therapy or radical prostatectomy, the 10-year risk of developing metastasis with definitive treatment is provided.

Talking to your patients

Now that you understand how to read and interpret your Prolaris Score and report,  now you can easily talk to your patients about their result and personalized treatment options.

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Learn about the new Prolaris Report

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Understanding the Prolaris Score

Each of your patients will receive a personalized Prolaris Score with their test results. This score will help you identify those patients with less or more aggressive prostate cancer. Learn more about how to interpret the Prolaris Score and how to talk to your patients.

Prolaris Ordering Process

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