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We understand that the decision to pursue definitive treatment for you or your loved one’s prostate cancer wasn’t easy. That’s why at Myriad, we offer a suite of personalized genetic testing solutions that can provide you and your healthcare provider with peace of mind regardless of where you’re at in the treatment journey.

Learn More About How Genetics Impact Treatment Decisions

Genetic Testing Could Save Your Family’s Life

As you learn to navigate life after treatment, it’s important to understand that cancer doesn’t have an on/off switch. Up to 1 in 6¹ men with prostate cancer have a genetic mutation that may have caused their cancer. Germline hereditary cancer or genetic testing is the only way to identify this risk and your personalized results can directly impact current and future treatment decisions. Your results can also provide your family with peace of mind by informing them of their risk of developing hereditary cancers in the future.

6× more likely
to die from prostate cancer

If you have a mutation, your sons and daughters have a 50% chance of also having a mutation

4× more likely
to develop prostate cancer

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Which Test is Right for Me?

Myriad offers personalized testing options so that you can better understand your individual cancer risk and customize your treatment journey.

myRisk test is a 35-gene cancer panel that will provide patients with prostate cancer comprehensive information about your unique cancer. Using industry leading accuracy, unmatched turnaround time, and a lifetime commitment to patients, myRisk is an essential part of prostate cancer evaluations.

CDx can help determine if you might be an appropriate candidate for PARP inhibitor therapy by identifying if you have a germline BRCA 1/2 mutation. The test was designed, and FDA approved to provide BRCA 1/2 results quickly and accurately.

Genetic Testing is Easy and Affordable

97% of private insurances have coverage for testing

Medicare patients pay $0

Remote testing options are available so you can test directly from home

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