Why Should I Get Prolaris Testing?

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Prolaris Makes Treatment Decisions Easier

While a prostate cancer diagnosis can be alarming, it’s important to remember that not all prostate cancers are the same. With Prolaris you have the ability to learn more about the aggressiveness of each patient’s specific cancer. That way you will be able to make more informed decisions about treatment. Prolaris clarifies risk of death in patients with prostate cancer. While two patients may have the same PSA and Gleason score, their risk of death from prostate cancer within the next ten years could be very different. Luckily, that information can be determined in a Prolaris Score.

Prolaris score spectrum

Prolaris does not measure whether or not a patient has prostate cancer, or what stage that prostate cancer currently is at. It measures how fast the cancer cells are dividing and the aggressiveness of the disease. Since cancer is the uncontrolled rapid growth of abnormal cells, an aggressive prostate tumor carries the potential risk of growing and spreading quickly to other parts of the body.

In having a Prolaris Score you could avoid overtreatment or under-treatment depending on cancer. For example, a low Prolaris Score may lead you to consider less aggressive treatment options. Whereas, a high Prolaris Score may lead you to consider more aggressive treatment options.