Face Prostate Cancer with Prolaris

Prolaris is an in-depth assessment of a patient’s prostate cancer aggressiveness. It is the only test that measures how fast a prostate cancer tumor is growing.

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“It Had Affected My Family As Much As It Had Affected Just Me.”

A patient’s prostate cancer journey with genetic and genomic testing

For Physicians

Prolaris results leads to changes in management in at least half of patients.

For Patients

Every individual’s prostate cancer is different, the results of your Prolaris test are unique to you.

Hereditary Cancer & You

Does cancer run in your family? Find out if you may be a candidate for hereditary cancer testing.


Patient Impact

How Prolaris has shaped patients’ lives

Avoid unnecessary treatments that bring unwanted side effects, costs, and trauma to your family.

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Step 1

Tissue Sampling

Your prostate tissue sample will be sent to Myriad’s laboratories where it will be tested and analyzed to determine the aggressiveness of your prostate cancer.

Step 2

Testing & Analysis

Your tissue sample is shaved into thin sections and attached to slides which are then dyed and processed. Remaining tissue is sent back to the pathology lab.

Step 3

Discuss Results

Once your sample(s) have been processed, the results are sent directly to your physician. Your result will contain your personalized Prolaris Score™ as well as your 10-year prostate cancer-specific mortality risk.

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