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Understanding your unique genetic information gives you confidence to choose the right prostate cancer treatment

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Myriad Genetics offers a suite of genetic tests that unlock answers to your most pressing questions.

  1. How should I treat my cancer?
  2. Will I die from prostate cancer?
  3. Will the cancer come back after I’m treated?
  4. Are my family members more likely to get cancer?

Cutting edge DNA analysis

Myriad uses cutting edge DNA analysis technology to identify how your cancer is behaving and what treatment options will be most effective in fighting it.

prostate tumor testing

Prolaris tumor testing

Tumor testing for untreated men with prostate cancer to determine how quickly cancer is growing.

Genetic testing

Genetic testing identifies if you inherited a mutation that may have caused your cancer. Available for all men with prostate cancer.

Benefits of Prolaris:

  • Identifies your chance of dying from prostate cancer
  • Know your chance of cancer spreading into other areas of your body
  • Confidence to choose active surveillance or active treatment

Benefits of genetic testing:

  • Qualify for life-sustaining therapy if cancer progresses
  • Impact early treatment decision making
  • Give blood relatives peace of mind by knowing if they are at an increased risk for developing certain cancers
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Myriad advantage

  • 5 million patients tested
  • Committed to making testing easy and affordable
  • Committed to keeping your genetic privacy safe
  • Lifetime commitment to helping you understand your results and disease

Which test is right for me?

How it works

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It starts with your doctor

You and your doctor determine which tests are right for you.

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Doctor approves the test order

After the test is ordered, Myriad will obtain the necessary cancer tissue from an existing biopsy or you will be directed on next steps for providing a blood or saliva sample.

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Your genes are analyzed at our state-of-the-art facility

Myriad looks at your unique genetic information using the latest in sequencing technology.

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Results available in around 2 weeks

Once results are available, they are sent securely to your doctor’s office. Your doctor will then help you understand your results and own your health.

Without information how can you make treatment decisions?


See how Prolaris helped Byron take control of his prostate cancer.

Ed Hoppe

It had affected my family as much as it had affected just me.


See how genetic testing helped empower Ed Hoppe and change his treatment decisions.

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Have questions?

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There are many types of genetic tests. Some tests are recreational and tell you things about your ancestry and some tests are clinical that can help you make decisions about your health. Myriad genetic testing was developed to help you and your doctor make educated decisions about your cancer treatment plan.

Testing can take up to 14 days, but the average turnaround time is under 7 days

97% of people have coverage for genetic testing, with 3/4 of all patients paying $0. For those with an out-of-pocket cost – the average is <$60.

Myriad uses cutting edge DNA analysis technology to identify how your cancer is behaving and what treatment options will be most effective in fighting it.

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collage of men