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What is Prolaris®?

Prolaris provides a new measure of the aggressiveness1,2 of an individual’s prostate cancer. Getting a Prolaris ScoreTM will give both the patient and physician additional information about the true nature of the cancer that no other test can.

Prolaris is a measure of how fast a prostate cancer tumor is growing. Biopsy tissue samples can be used to determine a patient’s personal Prolaris Score. Studies have shown that Prolaris provides an accurate assessment of cancer aggressiveness.1,2 And, because every individual’s prostate cancer is different, the result of each Prolaris test is unique to that patient.

Myriad Supports Prostate Cancer Survivors

Everyone on the Prolaris team works hard because we know that, behind all of our tests, are a patient and a family with questions about their disease. Learn about who we are, and why we do what we do in order to make sure that everyone is receiving the information they need to make personalized care a reality.

“Wait a Minute, This is Not Happening To Me”

An elevated PSA level prompted Howard to see a urologist and undergo further testing for ‪prostate cancer. After being diagnosed, Howard and his physician looked at their treatment options and decided on surgery. Learn how Prolaris testing has helped give him peace of mind going forward.

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Learn How You Can Start Testing with Prolaris Today

Adding a Prolaris Score to your diagnosis is easy. Learn more about the ordering process for Prolaris and see how you can help your patients receive a more personalized prostate cancer treatment experience.

After you review the ordering process, you will be able to quickly download and print our Prolaris Test Request forms and start testing immediately.

The Myriad PromiseTM

When Prolaris is ordered for a patient, we will work with their insurance provider to help them get the appropriate coverage allowed by their plan.

If the out of pocket expense will exceed $375, we will call the patient before processing the Prolaris test to discuss payment plan options that are available for them.