How Prolaris benefits me

Prolaris provides new information about your cancer than no other test can. The Prolaris test can determine just how unique and aggressive your prostate cancer truly is. Your Prolaris Score provides individualized information about your specific cancer to help you and your physician develop the appropriate treatment plan.

How Prolaris will benefit you:

  • Feel confident in your decision
  • Know your true cancer risk
  • Make educated decisions about treatment
  • Get personalized, precise care

Understanding how aggressive your prostate cancer is can help prevent over or under treatment. For example, a low Prolaris Score means a less aggressive cancer. Whereas, a high Prolaris Score means a more aggressive cancer. Knowing this information brings confidence to whatever decision you and your physician decide to make about treatment.

In some cases the initial decision about treatment is to actively monitor the cancer, known as active surveillance, to see if the cancer grows or becomes more aggressive. Sometimes the better option is, to choose a more aggressive treatment, such as removing the prostate completely. If the level of tumor aggressiveness is unknown, the type of treatment you choose may not match.

In order for you and your physician to face your prostate cancer with confidence, choose Prolaris.