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After a prostate cancer diagnosis, choosing an appropriate treatment path can be incredibly confusing and stressful for you and your loved ones.

The Prolaris® test from Myriad Genetics, the world’s leader in genetic testing, adds clinically proven information to the traditional diagnostic tools like PSA and Gleason and explains how aggressive your prostate cancer is. Put simply, the Prolaris® test gives you answers to some of your most pressing questions.

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Will I die from this disease?

The Prolaris test predicts your 10-year disease specific mortality (DSM) with conservative management.

Will my cancer come back?

Prolaris predicts the chance of your cancer returning if definitive treatment is provided.

Can I be confident with my treatment decision?

Prolaris gives personalized information about your cancer’s aggressiveness, so you can feel confident choosing the proper treatment.

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For almost 30 years, Myriad has been at the forefront of precision medicine and pioneering molecular tests. At Myriad, you always have a trusted advisor who is dedicated to helping you along each step of your journey.

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Patient story

Watch Al’s story of his prostate cancer diagnosis and how testing with Prolaris gave him answers to questions he didn’t even know to ask.

When to test

When to test with Prolaris

Any patient diagnosed with prostate cancer is a good candidate for Prolaris testing. Since all men with prostate cancer have already received a prostate biopsy, there is no need to undergo any additional biopsies in order to get testing with Prolaris.

When to test with MyRisk

Up to 1 in 6 men with prostate cancer have an inherited genetic mutation that may have caused their cancer. Hereditary cancer testing is the only way to identify if you have an inherited mutation, which could dramatically impact your cancer treatment.  

How it works

Biopsy sent to Myriad

Prolaris uses existing tissue from your diagnostic biopsy. No additional biopsies or blood draws are required.

Testing & analysis

The cancer tissue is tested and analyzed to determine the aggressiveness of your prostate cancer

test report

Results sent to provider

Once the cancer tissue has been processed, the results are sent directly to your physician.

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