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Learn how Prolaris could change your patients’ prostate cancer treatment plan.


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You have the opportunity to determine the future of your patients’ journey with prostate cancer.

For years, prostate cancer risk has been measured by PSA, Gleason and stage. However, traditional assessment no longer provides all the information needed to accurately predict prostate cancer risk. The Prolaris score combined with clinical and pathologic factors, estimates a patients’ 10-year prostate cancer mortality risk and a 10-year risk of developing metastatic disease.

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“Living with Prostate Cancer is Possible”

Prolaris results lead to changes in management in at least half of patients.

Prostate cancer CCP gene expression levels vary widely, averaging more towards slow growing, indolent disease compared to other common cancers that are often more aggressive. Stratification can lead to more personalized treatment decisions that could help minimize over and under-treatment of localized prostate cancer. Prolaris can provide a new level of confidence when choosing active surveillance as a cancer treatment plan.

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“Let’s look at other options before we do anything.”

When to test with Prolaris

All men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer are appropriate candidates for Prolaris testing. With an informed cancer risk assessment, you and your patient will be confident when choosing a course of management.

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Step 1

Tissue Sampling

The patients prostate tissue sample will be sent to Myriad where it will be tested and analyzed to determine the aggressiveness of their prostate cancer.

Step 2

Testing & Analysis

The tissue sample is then shaved into thin sections and attached to slides which are then dyed and processed. Any remaining tissue is sent back to the pathology lab.

Step 3

Discuss Results

Once the sample(s) have been processed the results are sent directly to your practice. The results will contain the patients’ personalized Prolaris Score as well as their 10-year prostate cancer mortality risk.

Ordering Process

Follow these steps when ordering tests for patients.

Complete test request form (online or fax).
Myriad verifies insurance
Myriad receives and processes the sample from the pathology lab.
Test results are sent directly to the physician’s practice.
Physician and patient use the results to determine a personalized prostate cancer treatment plan.