Patient Clinical Features


Age: 58
Gleason Score: 3 + 3
PSA Prior to Biopsy: 3.3
Clinical T-Stage: T1c
Biopsy: 2/14
AUA Risk: Low

Initial Planned Management

  • Provider initially considered active surveillance for this patient given the low risk features of his tumor
  • Patient and his partner were hesitant not to pursue immediate treatment of the cancer
  • Provider ordered Prolaris testing to gain independent molecular insight beyond the pathology of the cancer

Final Planned Management

  • The Prolaris score showed a more aggressive tumor than his pathology report would have indicated
  • Provider and patient decided to pursue radical prostatectomy instead of surveillance
  • Final surgical pathology report revealed a more aggressive tumor (Gleason 4+3=7)

Post-Surgical Pathology

Gleason Score: 4 + 3 in 10%
T-Stage: T3a