For years, prostate cancer risk has been measured by PSA, Gleason score & stage, and diagnosis & treatment protocols have remained pretty much the same.

But today things aren’t so cut and dried.

The fact is, traditional assessment doesn’t provide all of the information needed to appropriately stratify prostate cancer risk and weigh possible treatment options.

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The Prolaris Test

Prolaris is a prognostic test developed by Myriad Genetic Laboratories, which directly measures tumor cell growth characteristics for stratifying the risk of disease progression in prostate cancer patients. The 46-gene expression signature includes cell cycle progression genes selected based upon correlation with prostate tumor cell proliferation:

  • low gene expression associated with a low risk of disease progression
  • high gene expression associated with disease progression

Prolaris testing combines traditional risk factors with a molecular assessment of the aggressiveness of an individual patient’s cancer to deliver a more informed risk assessment. So you and your patient can be confident when choosing a course of management.


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Prolaris will:

Provide a 10-year prostate cancer-specific mortality risk

Deliver a personalized assessment of risk

Add confidence in disease management decisions

The Higher the Aggression, the Higher the Risk

Clinical parameters, such as Gleason score, will continue to serve as the standard measurement for prostate cancer severity, but they do not measure the true hallmark of cancer – cell proliferation. Understanding how aggressively your patient’s tumor is growing adds critical, independent information that can help you and your patient make a more precise decision about treatment. In a prospective registry study of 305 patients, physicians changed their management of prostate cancer treatment based on the patients’ Prolaris result.*

How To Use Prolaris In Your Practice

Prolaris testing is easy and is appropriate for all patients diagnosed with localized prostate cancer. Learn more about Prolaris testing with both prostate biopsy tissue and with post-prostetectomy patients.

*Crawford DE, et al. CMRO;2014

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