Understanding the Prolaris Report

Prolaris® explains the behavior of the tumor to provide the risk of Disease Specific Mortality (DSM) and metastasis.

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ProlarisScore Box

  • The Prolaris Molecular Score is calculated by measuring the expression of 31 cell cycle progression (CCP) genes in the tumor. This describes the behavior of the tumor.
  • The majority of Prolaris Molecular Scores fall between 0-10, with a higher score indicating more aggressive cancer.1, 2

Variables Used forRisk Assessment

  • Clinical variables and the Prolaris Molecular Score are used to calculate a patient’s risk assessment.

Patient’sRisk Assessment

When Considering Active Surveillance:
  • When considering active surveillance, patients with a DSM within the grey box may be considered appropriate for active surveillance.3
When considering primary radiation therapy or radical prostatectomy:
  • When considering definitive treatment, the patient’s 10-year risk of developing metastasis is provided.


  • Patient’s risk of DSM compared to other patients in the same NCCN risk group.
  • The grey shaded box represents the active surveillance threshold.


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