What is Prolaris?

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Prolaris is a test that clarifies cancer risk

Prolaris is a genetic test developed by Myriad that directly measures tumor cell growth. The Prolaris test paired with both PSA and Gleason provides the level of aggressiveness of a patient’s individual prostate cancer. PSA and Gleason only have the ability to identify how far the cancer has progressed thus far. However, when these are combined with a Prolaris Score, you are given an accurate assessment of how aggressively that cancer will progress over the next ten years.

How does Prolaris impact treatment?

Since every individual’s prostate cancer is different, their treatment plan should also be different. Luckily, the Prolaris test provides additional information about the aggressiveness of the cancer that is specific and unique to each patient. A Prolaris Score yields additional information about the true nature of the cancer that no other test can. Testing with Prolaris adds a new level of confidence when determining the best treatment option.

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Prolaris helps to make better informed decisions.

  • Provides information no other test on the market can.
  • Helps in determining the best course of treatment.
  • Gives the physician and patient more confidence in treatment decisions.